Brake Hose-Special Production: Custom-made steel flex

Tip: better protection not only for brakes!
•    Lines for car and motorbike
•    Separate configurations possible
•    Hydraulic hoses (for example servo-lines)
•    Coupling cables for cars and motorcycles
•    As a full replacement of the original line
•    And other connections

Custom-made production

It is important that these have a Dekra-parts certificate. In every case, special production can be done for the car. It does not matter whether it deals with a vintage car or with a production vehicle or motorcycle. The length, diameter and even the connections can be customized according to personal requirements. A system consisting of individual modules offers the customer greatest possible flexibility. A high standard of quality in composition is observed both in the assembly sets, as well as in case of special production.
Steel flex brake lines from Techlinger can be used in all areas of road traffic.

•    Vintage cars
•    Youngtimers
•    Racing cars
•    Passenger cars
•    Motorcycles
•    Carriages

Steel flex brake hoses are subject to virtually no wear and tear - as opposed to rubber products.

Easy installation
No special tools are required to install the steel flex brake cables as per your specifications. The product consists of a steel casing, a fabric hose and a brake pipe made of PTFE. All connections are made of high quality materials. Minor details should nevertheless be considered. The hoses should neither be stressed nor kinked during installation. And they should not scrub other car parts. If the steel flex brake hoses that you have configured come into contact with electrical cables, leakage currents may occur and damage the product. This should be avoided.
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