Braided steel brake hoses...

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Braided steel brake hoses...

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Braided steel brake hoses...

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Braided steel brake hoses...

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Steel braided brake lines for your car and bike

If you are looking for a strong partner in the matter of steel flex brake lines, you have come to the right place at Flex-Hydraulik .
We are professional suppliers of the premium brand Flex-Hydraulik . The steel flex brake hoses that we sell are significantly more robust than the standard OEM rubber brake lines.

Steel flex - Advantages of an Innovative System:
  • With ABE-certificate (free of registration)
  • Improved and optimized braking
  • Replace conventional lines easily
  • Optimized braking behaviour
  • Marten-resistant
  • Stainless steel fabric prevents stretching

Our brake lines with stainless steel fabric casing enable an unprecedented, pressure-sensitive brake feel. The reason is very simple, as our steel flex lines cannot expand even in extreme situations, like conventional cables. The complete steering behavior and the drive feel thereby experience an increase in performance of a special kind.

Steel flex lines with ABE (free of registration)

One of the most important advantages is the exact metering. Conventional brake hoses made of rubber expand slightly during a strong braking process. This means that exact metering is not always possible. The steel flex brake lines are reinforced with a V2A steel fabric and cannot expand with it. As a result, the brake lines by Flex-Hydraulik never lose their effectiveness or precision.

Our flexible hoses also have advantages when driving in border areas. If they go down a long pass or participate in car races, the brakes are stressed more than normal. By doing this, they become very hot and hence it can lead to dangerous braking. Flexible hoses prevent this.

Steel flex brake lines do not become porous over time, like normal brake hoses. This is why, they must never be exchanged, as they do not lose their reliability and performance. Thus, these brake lines can also save a lot of money. The changeover interval for the brake fluid can be delayed because our steel flex lines do not draw any water, which then enters the brake fluid.

Brake Hose Optics
For many car drivers and, above all, for fans of vintage cars, an original look is very important. This can be achieved very well with the steel flex brake hoses. Hence, they are very popular with fans of vintage cars. Thus, you have the chance to bring an old car to today's safety standards, without losing the original look. Especially, the UV protective coating of the lines is very useful, since in most cases, it is hardly distinguishable from the original, if one chooses them in black.

Martens and other sources of damage: no chance
Some car drivers and motorcyclists always have problems with marten bites. Here too, steel flex cables provide you with security. The steel mantle of the pipe cannot be bitten by the marten. This means you do not lose any brake fluid and do not have to worry about brake failure. In addition, our flexible hoses also offer protection against mechanical damage. This is mostly caused due to damages from stone impacts. If, for example, you are on a dirt road, the stones could damage the rubber brake hoses.

ABE, free of registration
Steel flex brake lines are delivered in a ready to assemble manner and are delivered with a general operating license (ABE, free of registration). This saves a lot of work and also, there are no problems with the TÜV (no demonstration and no registration costs necessary). The quality is always checked according to the FMVSS06 Standards.