Save costs - thanks to our ABE (General Operating License)

Our kits come with a general operating license (ABE)
We enclose the ABE (general operating license) with every kit. 

Example: steel flex brake hoses / brake lines. Here, it is mandatory that only the original braking system is installed in the vehicle. Every part has to be an original part. When you order the original hoses from us and assemble them correctly, the ride is ready to begin. You can, for instance, carry the general operating license (ABE) in the glove compartment with you and show it easily in a traffic check or in a general inspection. This saves you the cost of registration and further trips to the local authorities. In our shop, you have a selection of over 50,000 vehicles and over 5000 motorcycles, which have an ABE.

Problems with missing certificates

If, for example, you install steel flex brake hoses from abroad, there are often no certificates included. Here, registration is not possible. By doing so, you might lose the insurance cover, which, in the worst case, can end up in a financial fiasco.

Better, but not good enough: Part certificates

Parts are often delivered with part certificates. Parts, such as a steel flex kit, for which a part certificate is included, must be shown at a test centre. The inspector will examine the correct installation or, if necessary, he / she will write an amendment which must be carried out and then presented again to the inspection body. He will then write a report and give you an invoice. This varies according to the state. The prices are between 50 and 90 Euros, some are even higher. Now you will have to go to the traffic office to add the installation of the hoses in the vehicle letter, which will have further charges.

The optimal solution
With our flexible hoses, you can save yourself the time to the test centre and other authorities. Since we give you original parts - with the general operating license (ABE).