STEEL BRAIDED BRAKE LINE FOR Ducati 848 Streetfighter Front (12-13) [F1]

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- 2 Lines in the package
- ABE Germany certification

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  • Available immediately
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Zulassung: ABE,Eintragungsfrei
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Steel flex brake hoses:  Ducati 848 Streetfighter

Brake hoses may also look good!
Steel flex lines are a high-quality choice, if you are thinking about replacing OEM rubber hoses. Benefit from our company's more than 10 years of experience. Here, you will get a completely original steel flex kit, prefabricated for installation in your car. That is why, our brake hoses made of steel flex have an ABE (General Operating License). There are no registration costs. You only have to carry the documents (ABE), which you will receive from us when purchasing a new steel flex brake cable kit for your car.

Optimization of braking behaviour by reduced pedalling during the braking process. In contrast to conventional brake hoses, steel flex lines do not expand even at higher temperatures and the braking effect of steel flex therefore remains constant. The effect of direct response behaviour is thus not lost. And their% product_name% remains ideal in the tracks.

The change interval for brake fluid can be extended, as our brake hoses no longer absorb water (e.g. during condensation). A change in steel flex cables can therefore be expected after only a few months. Order our steel flex brake hoses for a % product_name% and we are sure you will enjoy a long time with the new lines.

Advantages at a glance:

•    optimized brake metering
•    with ABE (see above) - no registration required
•    Brass connections, with V2A ferrules
•    Simply replace conventional rubber hoses
•    Stainless steel fabric prevents expansion of the flex line
•    Changed pressure point / metering of the braking system
•    Shorter pedal travel during braking
•    Operating temperature -70°C - +260°C
•    Resistant to weather influences of any kind
•    Connections twistable (manual included)
•    Less leverage while braking
•    Up to 25mm bending radius
•    Marten-safe
•    Required seals and retainers are included
•    Brake fluid change interval can be extended
•    Braking effect remains constant


Ready to install Ducati 848 Streetfighter

•    Installation: The fitting of high quality brake hoses is not only designed to enhance the design of your car. Steel flex brake hoses can be installed in practically all passenger cars. Installation instructions are included. Safety-related components must be installed in a specialist workshop. We advise you to pay attention to the specification of the certificate or the ABE for installing brake hoses. The original hollow screws (if required) can be reused. The connections of the brake hoses can be twisted for twist-free installation.

•    Durability: Compared to products made of rubber, steel flex brake lines cannot get porous.

•    Appearance: In order to be fair to the fans of vintage cars and new car drivers alike, there are steel flex brake cables available with a coloured UV-protection casing. Usually, black colour is selected, since this is closest to the rubber hoses.

•    Protection against small animals: Martens love warm rubber hoses. Even if small animals should try to bite the brake hoses, they would soon realize that it is almost impossible.

•    Protective Device: Our pipelines are also secured against stone impacts when driving on impassable terrain.

•    Metering: Our hoses are coated with a stainless steel fabric. This allows the driver to easily find the optimum pressure point during braking. An OEM hose, on the other hand, expands.

•    Higher loads: The % product_name% from steel flex are best suited for participation in racing and have been used there for years. That is why the hoses come straight from racing to the road (here, the road traffic regulations apply). Rubber cables wear out faster. Brake lines made of rubber can expand at short notice and thus lose their effectiveness. The steel flex coating prevents exactly this process.

•    ABE: Our brake kit for % product_name% is delivered with a general operating license (ABE). There are no entry Costs.

You get a complete   Ducati 848 Streetfighter Steel braided brake lines set for front and rear axle.

Technische Daten

  • Modernste CNC-Technologie zur Fertigung
  • Produktion direkt bei uns im Haus
  • Edelstahlanschlüsse
  • Stahlflex auf Wunsch mit Kunststoffbeschichtung
  • PTFE Innenseele
  • Edelstahlgeflecht - 4 fach gewebt
  • Zugfestigkeit über 240 Kp
  • Berstdruck 966 Bar
  • Minimaler Biegeradius 38mm
  • Durchmesser 3,2mm x 6,2 mm
  • Nicht entflammbar
  • Betriebstemperatur -70°C bis + 260°C

Vorteile einer Stahlflex

  • mit ABE - keine Eintragung nötig
  • Edelstahl-Anschlüsse, mit V2A Presshülse
  • herkömmliche Gummischläuche einfach ersetzen
  • Edelstahlgewebe verhindert ausdehnen der Flexleitung
  • veränderter Druckpunkt / Ausdosierung der Bremsanlage
  • kürzerer Pedalweg, beim Bremsvorgang
  • resistent gegen Wettereinflüsse
  • Anschlüsse verdrehbar (Anleitung mit dabei)
  • weniger Hebelkraft beim bremsen
  • Mardersicher
  • erforderliche Dichtungen, Halter werden mitgeliefert
  • Wechselintervall der Bremsflüssigkeit kann verlängert werden
  • Bremswirkung bleibt konstant


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